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Deidre' Lenoir-Cannon

Founder and CEO

Link Transaction Coordinators

In 2021 Deidre stepped into a new health information systems specialist role where she had to quickly respond to the needs of the organization. During this transition, she was recognized for developing an improved process for managing customer inquiries, resulting in resolutions being delivered 50% faster.


Deidre finds it incredibly motivating to use her systematic and structured approach to process improvement to help others succeed. So in 2023, Deidre was able to leverage her knowledge of customer experience solutions along with her strengths in process improvement to pivot into real estate as a Transaction Coordinator. 


With over 20 years of successful experience as an Administrative Assistant working alongside the executive teams in the Utilities and medical industries, Deidre is able to support real estate professionals with improving internal transaction processes, resulting in more closings with less delays. Her professional interest in connecting customer service with supporting departments has been instrumental in helping teams reach and succeed their goals.

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We are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients and their customers.

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